Welcome to LiveStormChasers!

Our dedicated team is here to provide storm chasers with a simple yet quality alternative to streaming.

With a very simple design, viewers will be able to track and watch streamers live wherever mother nature might bring you.

If you loved TVNweather then you will love LiveStormChasers!

Streaming type options available:

  1. Dedicated mobile app designed for the platform (No third party apps)
  2. HD webcam or camcorder using a program like OBS (Free) & Laptop.


GPS Tracking is designed and setup using the dedicated app provided on account setup available for iOS & Android. So regardless if you stream through the app (same app to track with) or streaming through OBS, just boot up the app & start tracking. Tracking sends updates every second.

We offer individual pages & team pages for those that signup through LiveStormChasers so your viewers can go directly to your team or individual live stream & chat & track within the LSC (LiveStormChasers) network.


**General Notice**

LiveStormChasers does not broker or sell any part of provided stream/video/photo content. We do not provide this service nor do we ever plan to do so. If you are looking for a recommended broker here are just a few: LiveStormsMedia (LSM) StormViewLive (SVL) StormChasingVideo (SCV)

**Mapping/ Streaming Notice**

Our relation with TracknWatch allows us to provide mapping & streaming features you see on LiveStormChasers. All development, programing and new mapping features are built and provided generously by the team at TracknWatch . No development has been made by LiveStormChasers.